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Adelaide Commercial Electrical are highly experienced and fully qualified electrical contractors. Compliance with AS3760 is essential for your business. Are your test and tag records up to date?

Testing and tagging of electrical appliances is not only important for workplace safety; it’s required by law. The main aim of the regulations is to identify and minimize electrical hazards in the workplace.

Australian Standard 3760 (AS/NZS 3760:2010) outlines a set of testing guidelines and the frequency of that testing in all Australian workplaces. Testing and tagging intervals vary depending on the type of equipment being tested. See the table below for testing frequency requirements.

Testing and tagging can only be performed by a person deemed competent and records must be kept of all testing performed.

Adelaide Commercial Electrical offer electrical services in Adelaide which cover all aspects of commercial building maintenance including test and tag, RCD testing, electrical certificate of compliance, PAT testing, emergency and exit light testing, building maintenance systems and energy saving lights.

AS3760 Test and Tag Frequency Table:


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