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Adelaide Commercial Electrical are your RCD testing experts. Our fully qualified and accredited tradespeople are up to date with the current regulations for testing and tagging, PAT testing, AS3760, electrical certificate of compliance and electrical record keeping. Contact us for more information about RCD Testing in Adelaide.

The abbreviation ‘RCD’ stands for Residual Current Device. RCD Testing in commercial and industrial application is required under occupational, health, safety and welfare (OHSW) laws.

RCD’s are used to minimize the risk associated when humans interact with electricity. An RCD basically works by turning off the power when it determines an imbalance of the electric current. It’s still possible to receive an electric shock, but it will be for only a short duration, decreasing the risk of serious injury or death.

Under current legislation RCDs must be installed in all homes and workplaces in Australia with the assistance of an electrical contractor or an a grade electrician. You can also get in touch with a commercial electrician to get your RCDs installed.

What is RCD Testing? Two types of RCD testing are required under OHSW regulations:

1. The push button test is a simple way to determine if the RCD’s mechanical trip mechanism is working. By pressing the test button on the RCD the breaker will switch the power off demonstrating a properly operating RCD.

2. The operating time test is a more complex test that must be performed by a qualified electrician. This test measures the time it takes for the RCD to trip and the data is recorded and kept for five years. The test intervals are specified under OHSW regulations and are also determined by the RCD manufacturer’s requirements.

Testing and tagging of portable appliances is often performed at the same time as RCD testing to save on call out costs of electricians. You may also consider a building maintenance contract which could incorporate testing and cleaning of exit lights, smoke detectors and switchboards.

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